A branding system and collateral for a luxury Inn & Lounge in the Great Smokey Mountains. 

The Gendered Burden of Care Work

A jumbo newsprint zine which adapts text from the 2022 Atlantic article “The Devaluation of Care Work is by Design” by Angela Garbes and “Recognize, Reduce, and Redistribute Unpaid Care Work “ by Diane Elson from the New Labor Forum.

Lands End

A wordmark, branding system, and collateral for Lands End Park in San Francisco, California. The rebrand embraces the landmark’s history of leisure, from the Victorian Era to Modern Day.

Plant for Pollinators

A custom mailer and accompanying seed packet to encourage residents of the city of St. Louis to sow native seeds in their yards for the benefit of local pollinators. 

Driving the Parkway

A fragmentary catalog designed to echo my memories of driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway. This interactive catalog moves from an external to internal environment, focusing on communicating the way memory recalls sensory experience. 

WashU27 Social Media Campaign

A set of designs for Washington University in St. Louis’ social media platforms which welcome the incoming class of undergraduates. I applied and adapted an established design system created by Washington University’s Senior Designer of Marketing and Communications to maintain coherency across materials for the Class of 2027.